Three Proof

Claim your earnings with Earth-friendly acts! This is how The Three Proof System works:

  1. Create an account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ at the top left of our site and following the simple instructions. Only an email address, name, and street or area address are needed. At the completion of sign-up you are automatically awarded 1,095 Eirth Credets.
  2. Plant three trees and upload video with GPS location data or other location proof to your account. Upon verification (usually less than 24 hours), your Eirth Credets are converted to Globel Tokens.
  3. These Globel Tokens can then be traded for Werld Coins, which will be eligible to trade on all legally approved currency exchange markets.

Once you have planted your trees and been verified, you can then post your video and share your planting experience on AGA’s Planters areas on the social network site of your choice!